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Our Luxury Car Rental offers amazing luxury cars and sports cars in United Arab Emirates. Get the right car for every occasion and discover the beauty of United Arab Emirates in a Ferrari, Lamborghini, McLaren, Mercedes Benz, Aston Martin, Porsche, Audi and many more!

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Enter an exotic paradise as you travel to the United Arab Emirates. With its rich culture dating back to antiquity, and its impressive modern skyscrapers that embellish the desert skyline, the mix of old and new make the UAE an oasis of cultural heritage and modern innovation. The UAE’s most extravagant and popular metropolises, Abu Dhabi and Dubai, have emerged as prominent global cities and leading Middle Eastern tourist destinations and business centres. This rich nation has attracted the attention of many celebrities, billionaires, Hollywood filmmakers, and adventurous tourists. Further, its many important mosques have also drawn countless visitors to this ancient land.

The UAE’s ability to make visitors experience a sense of time travel as they pass between ancient deserts and palaces, and new and modern capitals, calls for luxurious transportation that matches the magnificence of the Emirates. Hire a luxury vehicle in the UAE to indulge in the country’s rich culture, breath-taking landscapes, and fast paced commercial sphere.

Choose the vehicle type that matches your travel needs:

At Prestige-Gallery we have an impressive fleet of car types, giving you many options to choose from when traveling in the Emirates. We offer a variety of exotic cars and sports cars for those who wish to match the affluence and luxury of the UAE’s modern metropolises. Driving around in one of these supercars will distinguish you amongst an elite group of visitors and residents. For others wishing to sightsee, we also carry various cabriolets which can give you outstanding panoramic views of the rolling sand dunes if you don’t mind catching a little bit of desert sun. If you are looking to travel between major metropolises, hire a 4×4 car in the UAE to maximize your comfort and style. We carry a variety of 4×4 cars, SUV’s, and high-performance vehicles that are perfect for those who plan to venture into the desert landscape or speed away from oncoming sandstorms. These vehicles provide the utmost performance, control, and agility, making it easy to manoeuvre the sometimes rugged desert terrains. For travellers who are visiting the UAE for commercial reasons, you can also hire an executive car in Dubai or Abu Dhabi, to conduct your business in a luxury vehicle that commands success.

Travel the UAE in the car of your dreams:

Prestige-Gallery also carries a multitude of top of the line luxury cars to make your most exotic dreams a reality. You can even rent a Ferrari in Abu Dhabi and zoom past Ferrari World as you travel in maximum luxury. Some of our other popular prestige cars include Audi, Lamborghini, Porsche, BMW, Land Rover,Maserati, Hummer, Aston Martin, and Mercedes.

Browse our fleet inventory at our most popular UAE locations:

Our most popular locations are the affluent global cities of Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Located along the Persian Gulf, Dubai is the UAE’s most popular city and one of the richest metropolises of the Middle East. Known as a major touristic and commercial port, Dubai features many luxury hotels, shopping venues, restaurants, and entertainment attractions. Rent a luxury car in Dubai and cruise by the largest manmade structure in the world, Burj Khalifa—an impressive skyscraper that was famously featured in
the James Bond Hollywood blockbuster, Skyfall. You can also visit the Dubai Autodrome, a popular attraction for sport car enthusiast and a great place to show off your supercar. Prestige-Gallery’s other most popular branch is located in the capital city of the UAE, Abu Dhabi. This ancient city is home to the 8th largest mosque in the world, known as the Sheikh Zayed Mosque. Other historic attractions include Qasr al-Hosn, an 18th century palace, and the Al Ain National Museum, which contains stone age remains. But like Dubai, Abu Dhabi is also a hotspot for sport car fans. Between Ferrari World and the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix venue, Yas Island Marina Circuit, Abu Dhabi is the perfect place to rent a luxury car.

Whether you are visiting only one of these cities, traveling between the two, or exploring other areas of the UAE, you can always return your rental at any of our Prestige-Gallery locations.

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