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Rent a Ferrari F8 Spider

Experience the open-top driving pleasure with the Ferrari F8 Spider from Prestige Gallery. Rent now and enjoy luxurious driving fun at the highest level! Book now for unforgettable moments full of style, comfort and power.

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Rent a Ferrari F8 Spider Rental
Technical data sheet
Top Speed
720 HP
212 mph
2.9 seconds

Renting a Ferrari F8 Spider

Drive one of the most exquisite supercars made in Italy! Crafted in Maranello of course, this beautiful piece of eye-candy will exceed your expectations in terms of performance and driving pleasure.

Less is more – especially topless

This is the convertible version of the Ferrari F8 Tributo and it is essentially a must-have if you are looking to rent a Ferrari during hot summer days. If you decide to rent the Ferrari F8 Spider it is like an Italian supermodel asking you to apply sunscreen on her body – you simply can't say „no“ to a topless Italian beauty.

An Engine that excites

Enjoy being in control of Ferrari’s famous twin-turbo V8 engine, which has won the international engine of the year award four times in a row. And that is exactly what you need if you want to tame the 720 hp of the Ferrari F8 Spider.

Real Formula 1 Feeling

Inspired by their iconic Formula 1 cars the F8 Spider comes with Ferrari’s glorious „Manettino“ which allows you to seamlessly customize the driving mode of this vehicle. The handy switch is located on the steering wheel of the F8 Spider and is easily identified by its signature Ferrari red colour.

Race or cruise – you choose!

The aforementioned Manettino offers you a fine selection of driving modes for every condition and mood you are in. Choose between sport, race and comfort modes to fully enjoy the experience of driving the Ferrari F8 Spider. Optimally equipped with an additional wet and ice mode the weather simply does not matter. Now, there is only one question left: which driving mode do you prefer?

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