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Our Luxury Car Rental offers amazing luxury cars and sports cars in Luxembourg. Get the right car for every occasion and discover the beauty of Luxembourg in a Ferrari, Lamborghini, McLaren, Mercedes Benz, Aston Martin, Porsche, Audi and many more!

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Luxembourg is one of the smallest countries in Europe, but it is famous for its rich history and breath-taking sites. Although the country might be small, there is no shortage of things for tourists to see. Take in the awe-inspiring scenery of the rural landscape that this memorable city has to offer, with everything from the Ardennes forest in the north, to the Moselle river valley found in the southeast.

The most convenient way to travel this tiny country is with the freedom and comfort of a luxury vehicle. This prevents you from going through the troublesome experience of needing to rely on public transportation and coordinate your plans accordingly. Furthermore, renting a car in Luxembourg gives your family or friends the ability to travel in style, rather than in a dirty and cramped taxi.

We offer a variety of car types to fit your needs

At Prestige-Gallery we understand that you have a varied array of needs, which is why we have an impressive fleet of vehicle types, allowing you to choose the one that best fits your travel needs. To navigate the rural landscape of Luxembourg with ease, consider renting a 4×4 car that will provide drivers with maximum control and agility. These luxury cars are perfect for traveling around the country, giving you maximum comfort and style whether you are traveling through the city or on a windy forest road. We also carry a variety of sports cars and luxury cars for those seeking an unforgettable travel experience. These flashy cars are perfect for driving through downtown districts, attending nightlife events, or even cruising through Luxembourg’s medieval towns. For visitors who travel to this country for work, you can also hire an executive car in Luxembourg to arrive at your business meetings with distinction. Lastly, for the many bride and grooms to be who are planning a wedding in this picturesque and romantic country, we offer a variety of elegant wedding cars for your special day.

Explore Luxembourg from your dream car

At Prestige-Gallery we carry many of the most impressive car brands to make your luxury car dreams a reality. Whether you are looking to stun onlookers in an impressive Ferrari, Lamborghini, or Audi, or you are looking for a more casual and comfortable luxury car, like a BMW, Ford, or Land Rover, we have a wide selection of supercar brands for you to choose from. While on your vacation, why not splurge and give yourself the opportunity to get behind the wheel of that fancy Jaguar or Porsche that you have always dreamed of? During your limited time to be spent in Luxembourg, you certainly want to make the most out of your trip to ensure that it is a memorable experience that you or your family will never forget. Driving around the bustling streets of Luxembourg in the car of your dreams adds the wow factor that your trip needs, so make sure to get the car that best compliments your style and the atmosphere you are trying to accomplish on your vacation.

Accessible and Convenient – Check Out Our Rental Locations

Since Luxembourg is such a tiny country, it is no wonder that our most popular Prestige-Gallery rental car location is in the country’s capital, the beautiful Luxembourg City. This charming city is famous for its
medieval ramparts and castles, beautiful villas, and its many historic landmarks and museums. There are also many activities for visitors who love the outdoors, including hiking, visiting the nature and water reservoirs, or sipping wine at an antique château. Renting a car in Luxembourg couldn’t be easier, as we have locations both at the airport and in the populated Luxembourg City. Both of these locations allow you not only to rent a car but also to return your rental with no hassle at any of our Prestige-Gallery locations.

If you have any questions, get in touch with us today and we will be happy to help set you up with your dream luxury car.

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