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Our Luxury Car Rental have amazing luxury cars and sports cars for you in Vienna - Austria. You will always have the right wheel for any reason. Explore this amazing place with a Ferrari, Lamborghini, McLaren, Porsche, Bentley, Audi and many more cars.

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Our Car Fleet in Vienna

Our Luxury Car Rental is the perfect place to rent sports cars in Vienna. So take a look at our fine selection of luxury cars and hire the right vehicle for your stay in Vienna – we offer all the famous brands! So rent a Ferrari, Lamborghini, McLaren, Mercedes Benz, Aston Martin, Porsche, Maserati, Audi and many more now!

Renting in Vienna

Almost every year, Vienna is crowned the „most livable city“ in the world and with our luxury car rental in Vienna you have the opportunity to experience the capital of Austria in the luxury vehicle of your choice. Whether you drive through Vienna or discover the cities and countries nearby – your perfect sports car rental in Vienna is waiting for you!

Visit Schönbrunn

There are many beautiful places in Vienna to discover the Viennese way of life. With its 23 Districts, Vienna offers you cultural highlights such as the world’s oldest zoo: the Schönbrunn Zoo. Voted the world’s most beautiful zoo by Tripadvisor, it is located right in the heart of the beautiful Schönbrunn Palace in the 13th district of Vienna. Being a major tourist attraction itself, the Schönbrunn Palace is one of the most important architectural, cultural and historic monuments in Vienna.

Cruise along the Danube

The Danube is the second longest river in Europe and it flows through several cities and countries including Vienna in Austria. Just follow the river from Vienna to beautiful cities like Bratislava, Györ, Budapest or Belgrade. If you need a break from driving, we recommend joining one of the popular Danube Boat Tours. You will see beautiful sights, stunning mountain views either way and many different cultures starting with your luxury rental car in Vienna.

Starting your trip from Vienna?

The Austrian capital offers you many different landscapes and driving routes. From the famous Vienna forest to „UNESCO“ world heritage sites like the Wachau Valley or neighbouring cities like Salzburg, Graz, Munich, Budapest, Bratislava or Prague: our luxury car rental in Vienna is the perfect starting point for your upcoming road trip!

Our Car Recommendation

We have a wide range of luxury rental cars for your perfect stay in Vienna! Rent an SUV like the famous Mercedes G-Class, Lamborghini Urus or the Porsche Cayenne for the challenging mountain roads in Austria. Those who prefer cruising down the Danube should rather rent a Ferrari F12 Berlinetta, Ferrari California T, Ferrari 458 Spider, Bentley GT, Bentley Bentayaga, Rolls Royce Wraith, Aston Martin DB9, Porsche Panamera or a Lamborghini Huracan Spyder. What is your favourite car to rent in Vienna?

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If you are planning a trip in the near future to the capital of Austria, then you are not alone in finding Vienna to be the perfect destination city for an ideal getaway. The city is located in the eastern portion of Austria near the Danube River. This country brought about much art and intellectualism, thanks to its more memorable residents including Sigmund Freud, Beethoven and Mozart. The city is home to many incredible sights for tourists to take in, including imperial palaces, such as the summer residence of the Habsburgs, which is called Schönbrunn. Many also pay a visit to the Museums Quartier district, which is home to buildings of both contemporary and historic design, featuring works by artists including Gustav Klimt and Egon Schiele. However, no trip to Vienna is truly complete without your own rental vehicle to take in all of these sights on your own terms. Some like a rental luxury car to allow them to travel in comfort or convenience during their time in Vienna, while others prefer a sports car to travel in style and attract the attention of passersby. A cabriolet might also be the perfect fit for a trip to Vienna to feel the sun’s rays and travel in both style and convenience.

Prestige-Gallery can help you to get the perfect car for your trip to Vienna, regardless of the type of car you are looking for. With the best brands in the industry to choose from, including top of the line names such as Audi, Ferrari and Lamborghini, and all the way through to more common brands like Ford, Tesla, and BMW, Prestige-Gallery is guaranteed to get you set up with the perfect car to complement your itinerary. Why not take a day trip to Linz or Klagenfurt to expand your opportunities for sightseeing during your vacation? A rental car from Prestige-Gallery gives you the freedom to see all that Vienna and its surrounding locations have to offer.

Vienna, the capital of Austria, is one of the most livable cities in the world. Apart from being regarded as the City of Music because of its musical legacy, it is also known as "The City of Dreams", as it was home to the world's first psycho-analyst – Sigmund Freud.

And the best way to explore this city is to rent a luxury car in Vienna. Using a luxury car will give you an unique advantage: you will be able to access exclusive places in Vienna. You will not need to use public transportation or taxis, so you will have the freedom to explore the city in its fullest. By using a car rental in Vienna you will be able to go as you wish with a Mercedes E Cabrio or a Maserati Gran Cabrio. You will also have a much better experience by being able to go sightseeing or shopping in your own rhythm.

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