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Our Luxury Car Rental offers you the best Maserati Rental in Germany, Austria, Spain, France, Italy, Switzerland, Monaco and more.

Rent a Maserati Rental
Rent a Maserati Gran Cabrio Rental
Gran Cabrio

Experience the Italian flair with the Maserati Gran Cabrio! At Prestige Gallery you can rent this luxurious sports car and cruise through the streets in style. Make an inquiry now.

Rent a Maserati Levante Trofeo Rental
Levante Trofeo

Experience pure luxury on the road with the Maserati Levante Trofeo - rent now from Prestige Gallery and enjoy an unforgettable driving experience.

About Maserati

Maserati is one of the most iconic manufacturers of luxury, sports and racing cars. The Italian brand of luxury vehicles was founded in Bologna in 1914 by the famous Maserati brothers. Maserati cars stand out for their exceptional design, performance and, of course, comfort. Rent the perfect Maserati with Prestige Gallery, your leading Maserati car rental company in Europe. Hire your favourite Maserati sports car now and we will deliver anywhere, anytime. Take a look at the Maserati Gran Cabrio and hire it easily online or via WhatsApp – renting a Maserati has never been easier!

Renting a Maserati

As your premier Maserati luxury car rental company, we make hiring a Maserati as easy as possible. Check out the Maserati Gran Cabrio on our website, tell us your preferred date and time and request a quote. We will then prepare the Maserati for your desired date and time, reserve it and deliver it directly to you – renting a Maserati with Prestige Gallery is that easy. The Maserati Gran Cabrio is one of the most popular luxury rental cars in our fleet, so be quick! We look forward to hearing from you, especially if you would like to hire a Maserati.

The story about the spark

It all started when Carlo Maserati, the eldest of the brothers, spent his leisure time designing single-cylinder engines while working for the car brands Fiat and Isotta Fraschini in Bologna. After Carlo’s death in 1910, his younger brother Alfieri Maserati – who also was a gifted mechanic – took over his brother’s passion. In 1914, together with his other brothers Ernesto and Ettore, Alfieri founded the Società Anonima Officine Alfieri Maserati. Their first major product was a revolutionary and more efficient spark plug which was designed and patented by Alfieri Maserati.

Racing in its DNA

Their success story began, when the Maserati brothers Alfredo, Ernesto and Ettore teamed up with the Turin-based car manufacturer Diatto. They revised and upgraded the racing cars and won many races. The dominant partnership ended in 1926, when the Maserati brothers decided to produce their own racing cars. The first Maserati car was named „Tipo 26“, which was victorious in numerous Grand Prix. Many years, records and race victories later, Maserati became the first European racing team to win the famous Indianapolis 500 racing series in 1939. In 1950, Maserati made a very successfully start in Formula 1 with the legendary driver Juan Manuel Fangio, who won several Grand Prix. Rent a Maserati now and experience a luxury car which combines racing and dolce vita!

The Maserati Trident

The world famous Maserati logo was designed by Mario Maserati who was one of the seven Maserati brothers. He lived as an artist and did not share his brother’s passion for motor racing and cars. The iconic trident from the Maserati logo pays homage to a symbol of Bologna, the Neptun statue in Piazza Maggiore. And the Maserati colours red and blue represent the Bolognese flag. Rent a Maserati now and experience the iconic Italian sports car behind the wheel. Hire the Maserati Gran Cabrio easily from your leading Maserati car rental company in Europe!

The Story about

Rent a Maserati now – A premier Italian luxury car, Maserati was established in December of 1912 in Bologna, Italy. With their headquarters in Modena, Italy, this brand is now owned by Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) since 1993. At one point in the brand’s history, it was associated with Ferrari, which up until 2015 was also owned by FCA. Setting a record in May of 2014 thanks to adventurous new plans and product launches, Maserati sold a record of 3000 cars that month. This is significant because it points to the necessity of increasing the production of their vehicles, and also why they had to establish a cap of 75,000 vehicles to be produced globally every year. 

Their significance on the world automobile market is unprecedented, with their infamous trident logo captivating people everywhere. Their logo is actually based on the Fountain of Neptune that can be found in Piazza Maggiore in their company’s founding city of Bologna. According to history, one of the founding Maserati brothers (Mario) suggested using this as the logo, which everyone agreed was a great choice since the god Neptune represented strength and vigour, a necessary component of any sports car. Prestige Gallery, your Maserati Rental

A sports car that is an ever-evolving trophy of classic Italian automobiles, Maserati continues to captivate drivers all across the planet. Launching their first SUV and custom creating cars for people, the exclusivity of this brand is truly remarkable. This car is a symbol of status and lavishness, which is why so many believe they may never have the chance to hire a Maserati. But you can rent a Maserati in Europe just as you would any other type of car! 

Rent a Maserati Rental

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