Rent a Luxury Car in Lausanne

Hire a luxury car on your trip to Lausanne, Switzerland! A French-speaking town located on Lake Geneva, the city is known as the home to the Olympic Committee headquarters along with the Olympic Museum and Archives too. In the old city there is also plenty of shopping and sights to see, with the Lausanne Cathedral and the famous museum called Palais de Rumine. With so much to do in Lausanne, many people that venture here are in need of a car rental to get around town. With Prestige-Gallery you can be certain you will find the exact car type that you need. Whether you envision yourself driving around in an exotic car along Lake Geneva or are interested in a flashy sports car or executive car, we have what you need. Many may find themselves needing a car for an event, like prestige car or a wedding car. We know that not every customer is the same, which is why we have such a broad range of car categories to pick from, so you can be sure you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for!

You may already know exactly what you want for your trip to Lausanne, already picturing yourself in a lovely European hire like a Mercedes or an Audi. Or you could be after a more extreme car like a Lotus, Ferrari, or Lamborghini to cruise around this stunning city. Whether you need a Bentley, Aston Martin, Ford, or a Mini, you can be sure that we have the most eclectic fleet of brands available for hire! What is even better is that with the car you hire you are going to have the option to travel all over Switzerland. Whether you are interest in sticking to a local venture and going to Montreux or over to Geneva, or are wanting to venture to Zürich or Davos, with your rental you can go anywhere.

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