Rent a Luxury Car in Basel

Hire a luxury car when you travel to Basel, located in north-western Switzerland. Situated off the Rhine river and on the borders of Germany and France, Basel is the third largest city in Switzerland. A quaint town with a rich history, tourists that travel here are often interested in visiting sights like the historical Basel Minster and the cultural arts centre Kunsthalle Basel.When coming to this part of Switzerland, your visit is always going to be more memorable from the front seat of a luxury car rental. With Prestige-Gallery, you have the option of numerous types of car categories to pick from for your luxury rental. Whether it is a sports car, exotic car, or 4×4, many of the tourists that come here are after varying types of cars hires for their trip. Even more, there is also the chance that people are traveling here for business or a wedding, in which case we have the option for an executive car or wedding car hire. We’ve got you covered no matter what kind of car you need!

When traveling to such an iconic country as Switzerland, many people have preconceived hopes for what their rental experience will be like. Maybe you are wanting a typical European luxury hire like an Audi or Mercedes for your cruising around this Swiss town? Possibly you are wanting a flashy sports car like a Lotus, Lamborghini, or Ferrari to zip in and out of the city on a weekend getaway? Whatever your travels require, you can be sure that with twenty brands we have the perfect car for your trip. What is especially amazing about visiting Switzerland is how close everything actually is. This means that with your car rental you can be in Basel one day, Zürich the next, Zermatt the following day, and Montreux the last. No matter what your itinerary may be, with your car rental you can trek all over this great country in ease and style!

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