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Land Rover

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Land RoverLand Rover

Owned by Jaguar (which is actually owned by an Indian company called Tata Motors) LandRover is a specialty car brand that is a premier manufacturer of four-wheel drive vehicles.

Originally, the brand was founded as the Rover Company in 1948, when they first launched the Land Rover Series. From this series, we got many of the popular models we still know today like the Defender, Discovery, FreeLander, and Range Rover, just to name a few. Presently, Land Rover is still produced in the United Kingdom, making on average over 200,000 vehicles a year.

Land Rover is striving to be at the top when it comes to new vehicle technologies, which is why in September of 2013 they announced they would be opening a 100 millionGBP research centre at the University of Warwick to study these technologies.Their hopes are to employ around a thousand researchers and engineers to study this field, with construction meant to begin in 2014.

Establishing itself as a luxury car brand, especially in the past couple of decades, LandRover is not just a specialty manufacturer of 4x4 cars anymore. Their RangeRover model has become synonymous with wealth and status all across the planet, proving that the once sports car brand is constantly evolving their products.However, whether you are interested in the brand for more traditional reasons like trekking across a terrain or for lavishness, you can be sure this is a car brand that dazzles everyone with its uniqueness. Renting a Land Rover is something many think is unachievable, but to many people’s surprise, they discover they can actually rent one very easily.

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Land Rover



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