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Ferrari is an automobile company that has been around since 1939, although it then began under the name of Auto Avio Costruzioni.

Enzo Ferrari, the founder of the now prestigious company, built the company from the ground up as an Italian sports car manufacturer, holding true to its values of quality and authenticity. The company’s first car was built in 1940. However, Ferrari’s inception as a maker of fine cars is not usually recognised until the year 1947, which was when the first car was completed with a Ferrari badge on it.

Ever since the company was founded, Ferrari has continued to be a symbol of elegance and luxury. The sight of a Ferrari is recognisable to nearly anyone driving down the road anywhere around the globe. Ferraris are so instantly recognisable and so synonymous with wealth that Brand Finance, an asset valuation consultancy, called Ferrari the world’s most powerful brand. As if that isn’t enough, in May 2013, the 1962 Ferrari 250 GTO officially became history’s most valuable car, after it was sold through a private transaction for over thirty-eight million dollars.

Because these vehicles are so pricey, most people resign themselves to the fact that they will never be able to get the experience of driving one. But many dream of one-day experiencing what it feels like to be behind the wheel of one of these classic and timeless cars. However, did you know that you can hire these sports cars and super cars from a car rental company just like any other car? Then, you too can have the experience of driving a Ferrari on the roads without the investment of buying one yourself.

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