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Bayerische Motoren Werke AG, also known as BMW, is a German car manufacturer of world famous luxury cars that was originally founded in 1916. Their headquarters is in Munich, Germany and they are also responsible for producing Mini-Coopers. BMW is the parent company for Rolls-Royce Motor Cars, proving their wide-reach in the automobile industry. They also produce motorcycles, like the infamous BMW Motorrad, along with plug-in electric cars under the BMWi sub-brand. Overall, BMW is praised as one of the world’s top-selling luxury auto-manufacturers on the planet, selling an exuberant amount of vehicles on the global stage.

The BMW brand has such respect around the world that in 2012, it was actually voted by Forbes as the number one most reputable business on the globe. What the rankings were designed to determine were certain aspects like the willingness of consumers to buy their products, whether people would recommend the brand, and if people would want to work for the company.

BMW has many devoted customers, along with many enthusiasts that are fans of the brand. Technically a luxury vehicle company, they have a proven diversity track in producing varying types of sports cars and executive vehicles. As the leading car company on the planet, they not only outrank their competitors in versatility, but also in convenience and luxury. BMW owners are among the elite in the car world, with most people never thinking they could actually own one of these cars. Luckily there are avenues where drivers can actually rent a BMW to fulfil their ambition of driving one of these pristine pieces of machinery. You can be sure that if you hire a BMW in Europe, you will not be disappointed in your car choice.

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