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Based out of Ingolstadt, Germany, Audi is an internationally known car manufacturer that designs and produces one of the premier luxury car brands of the modern world.

What we know as Audi actually started in the 1960s when Auto Union was purchased by Volkswagen and Daimler-Benz. By 1965, the brand was re-launched into society with the Audi F103 series in 1965. Later in the same decade, Volkswagen merged Auto Union to NSU Motorenwerke, ultimately completing what we know as Audi.

What is now a world-famous symbol, their logo of the four uniting circles actually speaks to the formation of their father company Auto Union. Before being bought by Volkswagen, there were four companies that were brought together (Horch, Audiwerke, DKW, and Wanderer). Each ring is meant to represent these four companies that united together to manifest the original Auto Union earlier in the 20th century.

Over the past 60 years, Audi really has become one of the world’s leading luxury and sports cars, and has fast become one of the most notable brands that Germany produces on the global market. People all around the world know what Audi is and that their cars are one of the leading supercars on the market. When driving one of these vehicles, you experience the thrill of ultimate control and power, making it one of the most desirable cars for drivers to experience. When you hire an Audi in Europe, you can be sure that you are renting a car that won’t disappoint.

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